Taste: Cocoon

Cocoon nestles on the first floor of that dominating curved complex at the southern end of Regent street. Although only 20 paces from the Picadilly epicenter of the universe, once upstairs you're distant enough to shake off the tourism and unwind.

Comprising of five oval 'cocoon' dining areas middled by a swanky and well-stocked circular bar, the restaurant is an alluring and intimate use of space. Soft interior design, earthy lighting and shallow egg-chairs make walking to the table feel more like tip-toeing through an amazonian millionaire's tree-house chill-out.

Wait staff glide between the tables with stealthy trained ease - they've obviously done a year on Hugh Grant's yacht or a couple seasons with Wimbledon VIPs. However, when it came to questioning one or two of the more elaborate choices on the menu all ours could do was struggle to read back the printed descriptions. It would've been nice to feel more involved in the menu.

And what a menu it is. Pan-asian by category so sushi, dim-sum, dumplings, tempura (soft shell crab!), fine seafood and Wagyu beef are all jostling around on the menu. If you've come as a pair be prepared to spend some time shortlisting this cornucopia of choice.

Scratch that... I'll make it easy - Ebi roll of Prawn Tempura, Wagyu beef and Teryaki: divine. Beef foie gras gyoza: fiendish. Chillean sea bass in black bean & shaoxing wine: almighty. A holy trifecta of taste and top of my food-heaven list.

Cocoon is a popular place with jackets and shiny skirts alike and the exclusive ambiance from both the restaurant and bar is magnetic. As such prices come with an extra cool-tax, however it could be worse. A meal for 2 with wine can be sub £100 with a lean eye on the menu.

Swanky, impressive, relaxed. Pucker up, put on a shirt and your fine-food face... then head over.

65 Regent Street
London, W1B 4EA
+44 (20) 7494 7600

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