Taste: Hawskmoor

right on the edge of the city, Hawksmoor is an atmospherically sultry experience. Simple, understated restaurant, heavily overstocked bar and comfy-seats drinks area. Blatantly intended for a quiet and sedate clientèle.

Tonight though, a few too many of us arrived for a friend's leaving drinks and treated it as a more normal bar... much to the distaste of both my credit card and a self-inflated head waiter, who bluntly presented a 'shift out of the way' or 'be scolded with hot food' ultimatum when the throng spread too near the kitchen door.

The hot food in question looked to be a far more magnetic reason to be here. Mostly steak in appealing masculine cuts.
Didn't get close enough to taste and wont be top of the list for a re-visit. Treated a little too rough for the money - shame.

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